Eastman Therapy Centre is seeking to fill an opening for an Athletic Therapist to round out our multidisciplinary team.

Available to the successful candidate is an established client list and opportunity to

further their skill development working with community based teams, businesses, and

Centre is located directly across from the Steinbach Family Medical Centre and houses

a medical supply store to offer clients an excellent resource for braces, splints, and

other medically prescribed equipment.


As the largest sports medicine / sports injury facility in Southeastern Manitoba,

Eastman Therapy Centre is located in the heart of Steinbach, Manitoba. The clinic

boasts Sports Medicine Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Athletic

Eastman Therapy Centre is directly affiliated with elite level soccer, baseball, hockey and

numerous other national / regional / local sporting clubs and organizations.

If Southeast Manitoba is new to you, check out the thriving community through this link:

It’s worth the trip to Steinbach!!!

All inquiries can be sent to Dave Blatz: