Below, you will find links to the new MPI-MATA agreement. Over the past 10 months, both parties have worked hard to ensure the agreement was beneficial for all parties: MPI, MATA, and the injured Manitobans receiving our care. You will notice that there is no longer a contract between MPI and MATA, however MPI was adamant that the change to an Agreement with a tariff rate card is not a reflection of MPI’s value of our service. Please be aware that MPI is as a whole is transitioning to rate cards with all of their approved MPI providers. MPI has commended us on our work with injured Manitobans and values our commitment to aiding clients to return to their pre-accident way of life as soon as possible.
The essence of the previous contract has stayed the same however we will no longer see yearly increases in our fees with MPI.  It should be noted however that we did see a substantial increase in our fee for service for this agreement compared to our last contract. Over the next few years both MPI and MATA will monitor our rates and either party can choose to begin talks/negotiations about a rate change at any time.  
As outlined on the “Rates” document, MPI has agreed to retro-pay the membership for services and fee’s they have provided from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020. Please be aware, if MPI receives your singed page after June 30, 2020 you will not receive any retro-pay.
Please read below for further clarifications regarding the new tariff rate card agreement:
What has stayed the same:

Treatment numbers and category types
PIPP’s are still eligible for an initial assessment and up to 24 treatments, as medically necessary.  Category types and eligibility has remained the same.
Documentation is required only for those NOT working, unless requested by a case manager or the claims department.
What has changed: 

Agreement: association and practitioner
While MATA negotiates and approves the official agreement between MPI and MATA, now each practitioner will have the option to chose to provide treatments to MPI claimants or not. Those therapists who wish to continue to provide treatment to MPI claimants will have to fill out the “Athletic Therapy Service Agreement Signature Page” and return it to MPI. Those who do not wish to treat MPI claimants will not be required to sign the page.

  • You will notice and increase in cost of treatment from Initial Assessment of $79.53 to $80.00.  Subsequent visits increased from $54.13 to $59.00 (until April 2022 at which time it increases to $60.00).
  • There as been a standard cost for clinic notes of $80.00
  • Reports: now all reports have the same fee
  • Return to Work has also increased from $111.84 to $114.00
  • Removal of rural rates
  • Removal of Two-way Fax (across all professions) as it was felt that if MPI needs information regarding a claimant a phone call or email is a better option.

For consecutive, or concurrent care an Initial Assessment report will have to be submitted to MPI for approval of the claim (regardless of At Work or not), of which you will be paid for. Approval is expected within 10 business days. If you choose to treat a client before the claim is approved and it is subsequently denied you will not be compensated for your time by MPI. Please see below  under “Approval of all claims” heading for more information on how to request consecutive or concurrent care.
Removal of “Guaranteed coverage” 
This decision on behalf of MPI was two fold; over the past few years an increase in treatments across all professions has made MPI reflect upon the nature of “guaranteed coverage” and felt that it was possible that treatments were being provided when they were not medically necessary. As well as some claims that were originally accepted were found to be non-compensable.
Approval of all claims
MPI is requesting that any claimant who presents from any accident where a automobile was not necessarily involved, ie: snowmobile, biking, bussing, pedestrian etc, to please contact MPI prior to treating this claimant as the claim itself may not be approved.  Eg: A claimant comes in and during the history intake it is evident the individual was riding a bus and fell on the bus and therefore making a MPI claim. MPI wants to ensure that the claimant fell on the bus as a result of the bus being hit, or stopping suddenly to avoid a collision, and NOT because the claimant tripped on a (eg) bag, thus being not eligible as a MPI claim.  A phone call to MPI will inform the therapist if MPI has decided on approval or denial of the claim.
For consecutive or concurrent care, reports will have to be submitted and MPI has up to 10 business days to provide the clinic with an answer. If you do not hear from MPI after 10 business days then you can initiate treatment until if/when MPI no longer approves treatment.
MPI will continue to auto-correct invoicing, and if a therapist has any clarifying questions regarding an invoice to please call MPI payments division to discuss.
MATA Members will now be able to collect interest from any invoices not paid within 45 days.  MPI will automatically calculate the interest owed and add it to the invoice. Interest will be calculated based on the Queen’s Bench, which is calculated quarterly.
If any therapist has any questions or clarifications please feel free to contact the MATA office at any time and we will do our best to help you, or to find answers on your behalf.
I would like to extend a whole hearted thanks to Adam Trimble, he has now negotiated 3 contracts with MPI. I am personally grateful for his dedication to our profession as well as all his help and support during this negotiating time with MPI. His level headed  and calmness were definitely needed and relied upon on many occasions.

On behalf of the negotiating committee,
Erika Andrejowich and Adam Trimble

After reading through all the documents, members who are ready, please sign the 'Signing Page', available at the link below or by clicking here, and submit directly to MPI.  This document must be submitted before June 30th, 2020.

Click Here to Access the Full Agreement

Click here to Access the Complete Guidelines

Click here to Access the Standards of Clinic and Professional Services Document

Click here to Access the Legal Terms Document

Click here to Access the AT Rates Document

Click here to Access the Signing Page

Service Rate

  • Consultation - AT (per hour) $ 204.00
  • Home Visit - AT (per hour) $ 114.00
  • Initial Assessment - AT $ 80.00
  • Subsequent Visit – AT (January 1, 2020 – March 31, 2022 $ 59.00
  • Subsequent Visit – AT (April 1, 2020 and onwards) $ 60.00
  • Complex Case (as defined in the AthleticTherapy Guidelines)- AT $ 100.00
  • Clinical Notes - AT $ 80.00
  • Form Reports (e.g. Initial, Subsequent,Discharge) $ 65.00
  • Written Communication - AT (per page) $ 110.00
  • Return To Work/Modified Duty Report - AT $ 114.00
  • Yellow Flag Questionnaire - AT $ 7.00
  • Acupuncture Tray Fee - AT $ 19.00