In order to bill for injury care-related services / treatments, the Certified Athletic Therapist must ensure that the services / treatments are:


  1. Therapeutically indicated.

  2. Within the scope of practice of the Certified Athletic Therapist.

  3. Performed at a level which meets the standards of the profession.

  4. Delivered / performed.

  5. The recommended fee for service will be in accordance with the M.A.T.A. fee schedule, as established annually at the annual general meeting.

  6. When completing insurance claim forms for either patient reimbursement, or claiming fees for services rendered, clear representation of the treating therapist’s name and their status as a Certified Athletic Therapist must occur. Where a specific section for athletic Therapy is absent on an insurance form, a stamp of the words “Services provided by a Certified Athletic Therapist” must be affixed to the claim form.

  7. A Certified Athletic Therapist may not make claim to an insurance company, or bill the patient for services rendered in the field.

  8. A Certified Athletic Therapist may not bill for services rendered by an Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate, wherein the Candidate is not directly supervised by the Certified Athletic Therapist. An Athletic Therapy Certification Candidate may not assume a patient load of their own. Their only role will be to carry out the tasks placed upon them by the Certified Athletic Therapist. A pre- and post – treatment assessment must be made by the Certified Athletic Therapist in all cases.

  9. A Certified Athletic Therapist employed by a particular team to treat athletes of the said team may not submit claims to an insurance company for services rendered with that team (unless arrangements are made with a specific insurance company to do so).

  10. Breach of the M.A.T.A.’s Billing Guidelines will be investigated by the M.A.T.A. Ethics Committee, in accordance with the investigation and disciplinary procedures as outlined in the M.A.T.A. Constitution.