Please be reminded that as of September 28th, the Winnipeg Metropolitan area will be elevating the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System level to Restricted (orange).

As a result, masks will be mandatory in all indoor public places that fall within the region.  Gatherings will also be restricted to 10 people, both indoor and outdoor.

These restrictions will remain in place for a minimum of four weeks (two incubation periods of the virus).  Further direction or additional restrictions may be put into place by public health at any time.  

For the full media bulletin, outlining this information, click here.

Please note that in cases of confirmed positives, public health would be responsible for contact tracing - not the individual therapist or clinic.  As a suggestion, MATA members might consider keeping a details log/contact tracing list of all individuals who visit their clinics to assist public health with contact tracing should it be needed.