The province of Manitoba has released the #RESTARTMB Pandemic Response System. The report is intended to help people understand the current level of risk and the public health guidance that must be followed. The Pandemic Response System is four colour-coded levels with easily identifiable symbols.  They can be applied at a provincial level or an even more focused regional, community, sector or facility level, if required. To familiarize yourself with the system please follow the link below:

MATA members are encouraged to read the document, especially the pages for Therapeutic or Health Care Businesses on pages 64-65, for further helpful information.


The Manitoba media bulletin on September 1, 2020 included the following information:

“Starting today, all visitors arriving at health-care facilities are required to wear a non-medical mask. This extends to outpatients attending appointments at clinics within hospitals and health centres throughout the province.

While primary care clinics and other locations providing health services are not currently included in the mask requirement, all Manitobans are strongly encouraged to wear a non-medical mask when seeking care.”

MATA cannot mandate the public to wear masks, only the Public Health orders can do this. MATA does require that its members continue to implement measures to ensure that members of the public are able to maintain a separation of at least two meters from others, except for brief exchanges, continue to screen individuals before they attend their appointments, and continue to wear appropriate PPE.


A note on Mental Health -

MATA is aware that during this unprecedented time, the mental health of yourself, your family or your clients could really be affected. If you or someone you know is struggling, the resources on this site are here to support you.  Click here for more information.