As you know, Manitoba is currently in Phase 4 of the Restoring Safe Services Plan.

Please be reminded that the lifting of travel restrictions and self-isolation for travellers has not proceed and has been deferred at this time.

This means that individuals travelling into Manitoba from eastern and southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada as well as international travellers must continue to self-isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Manitoba.

MATA members should continue to remind their patients who have travelled to any of those areas, to self-isolate and self-monitor for symptoms before attending an appointment.

MATA members are advised to continue to follow The Restoring Safe Services Plan guidelines. In particular:

  • Continue to use recommended PPE for both public and AT safety;
  • Continue to ensure people are able to reasonably maintain two metres of distance;
  • Only conducting necessary and brief exchanges within two metres of others;
  • Continue to apply enhanced cleaning protocols, including common areas like washrooms;
  • Continue to allow appropriate time between appointments for sanitization;
  • Continue to use the Shared Health Screening Tool for patients prior to treatments and for staff before they come to work;
  • Ensure staff stay home when feeling sick; and
  • Follow personal risk reduction measures

Please note that in cases of confirmed positives, public health would be responsible for contact tracing - not the individual therapist or clinic.  As a suggestion, MATA members might consider keeping a details log/contact tracing list of all individuals who visit their clinics to assist public health with contact tracing should it be needed.