With the start of 'Phase Two - Restoring Services' by the Manitoba Government, please note that there are no significant changes to the PPE or screening recommendations sent by MATA on May 12th or found below.  Please also note, that due to the fact that Athletic Therapy is not a regulated profession, the occupancy levels must remain at 50% of normal business level or one person per 10 square meters (as per the exert from the Shared Health website below).  MATA recognizes that many MATA members work in multidisciplinary clinics, many of which will include both regulated and non regulated professionals.  MATA would like to encourage members to engage in open communication and continued dialogue with all colleagues to determine how these regulations can be satisfied for each profession.

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The information below has previously been sent out to members.  Please review if needed.

MATA Members Must:

  • Use the self-screening tool for staff, patients or people attending with patients available here
  • Stay home when ill with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Perform strict hand hygiene between tasks and patients
  • Provide staff with information about physical distancing.
  • Adjust entry into the business, including lines, toregulated to prevent congestion.
  • Post external signs indicating COVID-19 physical distancing protocols, along with floor markings where service is provided or lines form.
  • Maintain a single point of entry.
  • Instrict people identified as symptomatic to call Health Links - Info Santé.
  • Implement waiting room management strategies. Strategies should include waiting in car if possible, and physical distancing for those in waiting room. No more than 10 people may gather in common areas.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at the entrance/exit for patient and staff use.(see below for more information on this point)
  • Ensure that patients and people attending with patients must sanitize hands upon entry to facility.
  • Ensure that work/service areas are sanitized after each patient.
  • Ensure that washrooms have frequent sanitization and a regime for business sanitization is in place.
  • Ensure that magazine racks and toys are removed and play areas in waiting rooms are closed.
  • Encourage patients to wear masks when receiving services, where possible.
  • Attempt cashless or no-contact payment to the greatest extent possible.
  • **NEW - Please review the following video on proper donning and doffing procedures.  

**UPDATES - MATA Members are Strongly Encouraged to: