Similar to our agreement earlier in the year, therapists can initiate virtual care on claims where the therapist deems it beneficial in rehabilitation and recovery. The current Category limits remain in place and all virtual treatment reduces the visit limits. Each treatment will need to be marked “Virtual” on invoicing. A virtual treatment will be invoiced the same as a Subsequent visit. Please note that all virtual treatment will be invoiced as a Subsequent visit including prior Category 3 approvals.

Claimants who are involved in a new accident and are seeking care for their injuries can be virtually assessed by a therapist. The Virtual assessment will be invoiced the same as a subsequent visit. The therapist can complete a full Initial assessment, if such an assessment is still deemed necessary and beneficial in rehabilitation and recovery when in-clinic treatment resumes.

MPI will rely on therapists to deem the frequency of virtual visits, however, in most cases one visit per week would be reasonable with a maximum of two per week.

These are temporary procedural changes and will be updated as COVID-19 continues to be tracked.