The MATA is pleased to share the following information with our members.

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba continues to value the contributions Athletic Therapists provide to assist injured workers with their recovery and return to work  in Manitoba.

The WCB did reach an agreement with the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association for the period of January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021.   The increase in these rates will apply to Athletic therapists who have provided treatment during this time period as well.  Retroactive adjustments will be made and expected to be completed by mid to late February.  Information will be coming directly from the WCB medical aid area on this in the coming weeks.  A notable change in this agreement is that the WCB will approve 18 Athletic therapy sessions before an extension is required. This is a change from the previous agreements which provided for 20 treatments before an extension is required. This will be implemented on a going forward basis for new claims .

Effective January 1, 2022 the WCB will no longer have a formal agreement with the Manitoba Physiotherapy Association.  The Workers Compensation Act provides the authority for the WCB to establish their own rates and as such we will be reviewing our rates for physiotherapy and athletic therapy on an annual basis to ensure they are competitive.

The rates paid for Athletic therapy will be independent of those paid to other service providers. WCB is also in the process of creating revised reporting forms specifically for Athletic Therapists and hope to have this available in the coming month.

To download a WCB Fee Schedule for Athletic Therapy, click here.