The Member Engagement Policy aims to improve the active participation of all Certified members in the functions of both the association and the profession of Athletic Therapy in Manitoba.


Each Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C) registered in Manitoba will be required to participate in an association activity, committee or event on an annual basis in order to maintain their status.  Members will be required by June 1st of each year to submit to the MATA their activity that satisfies the requirement during the previous year.

Approved Membership Engagement Activities:

  1. Participation on the MATA Board of Directors
  2. Participation on a MATA committee(s)
  3. Representing the MATA to an outside group (as approved by the MATA BOD)
  4. Attendance at the MATA Annual General Meeting
  5. Volunteer your time to an ATS event – honorarium donated to KidSport Manitoba on behalf
  6. Volunteer your time and teach an AFAP program – honorarium donated to KidSport Manitoba
  7. Organize/Participate in a MATA social event
  8. Organize a continuing education/information sharing event for members/non-members
  9. Volunteer to give a presentation to the MATA membership (certified or certification candidates)
  10. Compose a 1500 word essay related to Athletic Therapy and directed toward the public (submit to
  11. Compose 3 'blog style' type posts (500 words each) related to Athletic Therapy, directed towards the public. (Submit to:

Failure to Comply:

Should a member fail to meet this policy requirement, said member will be required to pay a fee of $100.00 in order to maintain their status.  Failure to pay this fee will result in the immediate loss of the title CAT(C) until such fee is paid in full to the MATA.