It has been a week since the CATA first announced its proposal to eliminate mandatory provincial membership.  Since then, the MATA Board has spent a significant amount of time meeting with various individuals and groups to try and better understand the proposal, how it came about, and how CATA plans to move forward should the bylaw come into effect at their meeting on January 23rd.  

MATA President, Nancy Ewachewski, has participated in multiple meetings over the past week including those with the CATA Board, as well as other Provincial Association Presidents.

The MATA Board met with a member of the CATA Board this week to have a chance to ask many important questions.  Please see the info below to review some of the questions asked and their responses.

Should the bylaw be passed how would Manitoba AT's continue to build a relationship with Government of Manitoba?
The CATA's plan is to create Provincial committees.  These committees would be a group of volunteers whose role is to continue to work to advance the profession in their respective Province.  To date, we do not know how these committees will be formed, governed or managed.  Furthermore, should the restructuring occur, decision making situations would no longer take place on a Provincial level as the CATA Provincial committee for Manitoba would most likely need to present any proposals or action to the CATA Board for approval.  This added level of governance has the potential to increase turn around time.

Would Manitoba continue to have a dedicated staff person?
The CATA does plan to increase staffing, however to what capacity remains unclear.  At this point, it is not known if MB would have a dedicated staff person.

Will CATA fees remain the same long term?
As stated in the CATA proposal, fees for 2022 will stay the same, however they will increase for 2023 and beyond.  A total cost savings for members is unlikely as the amount historically paid to the MATA will most likely be added to CATA fees (or more).

The MATA facilitates thousands of hours of opportunities for members through ATS events and team coverage.  Would these opportunities continue?
This service would need to be discussed amongst the regional committee to determine whether or not they have the capacity to continue offering it to members.  Without a dedicated staff person, it is unlikely that it would be able to continue (at least in its current format and capacity).  The MATA has also spent the past number of years developing a strong relationship with Hockey Manitoba and Football Manitoba including the Football First Aider course.  It is unknown whether or not those relationships would continue.

The MATA hosts dozens of BLS and SFR recertification courses as well as Continuing Education opportunities for members throughout the year and often provides a subsidy towards their registration costs.  Would the CATA offer courses and subsidy?
Occasional courses may be schedule locally, however it is unlikely that subsidy would be provided and courses would most likely be much less frequent.  There is some discussion of having regional conferences in the years which CATA is not hosting a National Conference. 

The MATA currently receives significant support from Sport Manitoba (operating grant, office space, use of the facility, connection to PSO's, etc).  Would this relationship continue?
Sport MB's support stems on the fact that MATA currently directly supports its Provincial Sport Organization's.  If MATA were to be maintained, through support from membership (regardless of outcome of bylaw vote), it is likely that it will still be supported through Sport Manitoba.  If the MATA dissolved due to the bylaw change and lack of support from members, the relationship would also dissolve.

What would happen to MATA's current contract/relationship with Manitoba Insurance Companies (e.g. MPI, WCB, Blue Cross, etc)?
Unsure.  MATA will be engaging in conversations with these companies over the next few weeks to determine what could potentially change if there was not a provincial association.  If MATA is maintained long term, we will continue to endeavor on building on relationships with Insurance companies (both existing and new).

How would the profession of Athletic Therapy be marketed?
Marketing would be handled by the CATA therefore at a National level.  Opportunities and needs specific to Manitoba AT's may not have the opportunity to be highlighted.

We are sure you have many more questions as does the MATA Board.  Despite being informed by the CATA that they have been working on this change for months there are still many unknown answers.  It became clear during MATA's meeting with the CATA that they aren't aware of all of the programs run here in Manitoba as there has not been any discussion or dialogue leading up to their announcement last week.  The Presidents of each Province have requested that the CATA spend time with each Province's staff to fully understand the programs and services currently bring offered to their respective members.

We would STRONGLY encourage members to attend one of the two virtual town halls, announced by the CATA as follows to ask your specific questions:

The MATA is planning our own, Provincial Town Hall, which will be scheduled after the December 2nd CATA town hall.  Stay tuned for more info.

In order to better understand who our MATA members are, where they work, and how they feel about this potential change, we have created a short survey that we would appreciate your participation on.  The entire survey should take no longer than 5-10 minutes and will stay open until November 19th.

Click here to Access the Survey