Please note that payment in full OR a 1st payment installment as per the details in the chart below is still due on Monday, April 20th by 11:59PM.

Please see details of the instalment option below:


                                                  Due Date                              Amount Due

1st Payment-------------------------April 20th--------------------------$162.50

2nd Payment------------------------May 20th--------------------------$162.50


Late fees for certified therapists who do not submit payment (either in full or half) by April 20th will be subject to late fees (see information below).  Late fees for certification candidates who do not submit payment IN FULL by April 20th will be subject to late fees.  Certified therapists who submit 1st payment by the deadline, but do not submit the 2nd payment by the deadline will also be subject to late fees starting on May 20th.

Please note that ALL members must complete the membership registration available at the link below (in step one) by April 20th.

Please also note that this will be the last concession made by the MATA Board in regards to payment of membership.  Payment in full for all certified therapists will be required by May 20th.


For more information, please refer to the email that was sent to all members on April 18, 2020.