All Athletic Therapists desiring to practice as a Certified Athletic Therapist within the Province of Manitoba must be registered with the Registrar of the Manitoba Athletic Therapists’ Association (M.A.T.A.). The application for registration must be submitted in written form, to the M.A.T.A. Registrar.


The following must be included with the application for provincial registration:


  1. Written confirmation of successful completion of certification requirements from the Certification Committee Chairperson of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, and/or;

  2. Maintenance of certification as per the C.A.T.A. standards (inclusive with renewal fees each year), and;

  3. Proof of malpractice insurance on an annual basis.

  4. Proof of completion of a M.A.T.A. approved Personal Health Information Act Seminar.



Upon receipt of the application and all supporting documentation at the M.A.T.A. office, the program director will give temporary billing privileges. When the B.O.D. convenes for its next meeting, billing privileges will be made permanent by a vote of the executive. Upon acceptance, the name of the individual will be forwarded to those insurance companies that provide coverage for Athletic Therapy, and written confirmation of M.A.T.A. registration will be issued.


Until confirmation of receipt of application in the M.A.T.A. office by the Program Director is made to the applicant, the candidate may not practice as an athletic therapist, make claim to insurance companies for services rendered, or directly bill the public for fee for service as a Certified Athletic Therapist. The result of such action would be immediate rejection of their registration application.


When all documentation and penalties have been submitted the reinstatement process would consist of the following steps:


  1. A reinstatement fee of no more than $100 will be paid to the MATA

  2. The candidate would make a formal written appeal to the executive committee.

  3. The candidate would present their appeal to the executive at the next scheduled executive meeting.

  4. The executive committee would make a decision on reinstatement no later then the following executive meeting.

  5. A written decision will be forwarded to the candidate.



The following guidelines apply to all Certified Athletic Therapists registered in the Province of Manitoba:


  1. The Certified Athletic Therapist must meet the minimum requirements for maintenance of certification, each calendar year, as administered by the C.A.T.A. and M.A.T.A.

  2. The Certified Athletic Therapist must adhere to the Code of Ethics of the M.A.T.A. and the CATA.

  3. The certificate indicating Certified Athletic Therapist must be displayed in the clinical area.